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Eva Mendes sings like an Angel for Thierry Mugler

Eva Mendes sings like an Angel for Thierry Mugler

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The French luxury house has released the making-of for its new Angel fragrance commercial, scheduled for a September release. In it, Angel face Mendes, who will portray opera singer Maria Callas in the upcoming biopic Greek Fire, sings “The Windmills of Your Mind,” a song originally performed by Noel Harrison for the 1968 movie The Thomas Crown Affair.

Shot in Prague, the clip released on YouTube shows Mendes rehearsing with an orchestra and a singing coach, and explaining the choice of music for the campaign: “It’s so dreamy, and it’s all about where we go in our minds…when I just say the words, the images come to my mind certainly, and hopefully to anyone who’s listening as well.”

“Eva Mendes personifies the very facets of sensuality encompassing Angel. Glamorous woman for the Eau de Parfum and beguiling icon for the Eau de Toilette, she embodies all the addictions of Angel.”