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Eugenia Kim Goes Head to Toe

Eugenia Kim Goes Head to Toe

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Eugenia KimNotable milliner Eugenia Kim has done a shoe collection before.  Ten years ago, her first fancy footwear was so fierce, she won the coveted Swarovski Award for accessory design.  But production woes took the pep out of her step on that one, and the East Village proper topper decided to focus on her more crowning achievements.

A decade later, Kim has decided to look for new inspiration by taking it off the top, and this season, her kicks are making a comeback!

“Each shoe has a personality,” Kim has said, showcasing a new collection that includes bold ankle boots with pearl embellishments, towering pumps adorned with whimsical ostrich feathers, and calfskin flats sporting flirty mink bows.

A tip of our hat to this heady designer… for also satiating our foot fetish!