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Espelette Restaurant Opens at Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills

Espelette Restaurant Opens at Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills

Christopher Parr | Pursuitist
Espelette Restaurant Opens at Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills

A Mediterranean Oasis at Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills as Espelette Restaurant Opens.

The Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills, renowned for its dedication to unprecedented luxury and exceptional service, and previously named one of the top 5 luxury hotels in Beverly Hills by Pursuitist, continues to refine the art of opulence. Its latest venture is Espelette, an upscale restaurant that serves as a culinary gateway, transporting visitors on a gastronomic journey from the heart of Beverly Hills to the mesmerizing coastline of the Mediterranean.

Espelette debuted within the iconic premises of the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills on May 12, bringing a splash of coastal Mediterranean flavor to the vibrant city, punctuated by a distinctive European flair. The creative genius behind this venture is the acclaimed Chef Steve Benjamin, who as the five-star hotel’s culinary director, has weaved his magic to present an authentic and invigorating dining experience. The restaurant gets its name from the Espelette pepper, a key ingredient cultivated in Southwest France, known for its delicate infusion which complements fresh ingredients and escalates the complexity of flavors, scents, and spices in each dish.

In Chef Benjamin’s words, “We are thrilled to unveil Espelette, a vision that has been a long time in the making. Inspired by my travels and work in restaurants around the Mediterranean, these dishes were meticulously curated to bring a global perspective to the table. The farm-to-table menu is an exploration of different regions, cultures, and ingredients, transporting taste buds a world away while in the comfort of Beverly Hills.”

The menu at Espelette is a tour de force, drawing inspiration from the neighboring regions to the South of France including Italy, Spain, and Greece. The result is a symphony of flavors encapsulating the European coast. Crafted to inspire conviviality, the menu showcases the freshest, locally sourced ingredients, juxtaposed with contemporary California flavors and classic techniques. Signature menu highlights include caviar scrambled eggs with bordier butter, chives, Espelette, and Crème Fraiche, salmon tartar, brussels sprouts & kale salad with an avocado yuzu-kosho vinaigrette, and a specialty wood grilled section featuring options like John Dory fish, Branzino, chicken, and Wagyu.

Espelette Restaurant Opens at Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills

Situated on the lobby level of the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills, Espelette is open for breakfast from 7:00 am to 11:00 am and dinner from Tuesday to Saturday evenings between 5:30 pm and 10:00 pm. The restaurant offers the perfect culinary retreat for hotel guests and locals alike, augmenting the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills’ other gastronomic offerings including The Rooftop by JG, helmed by the acclaimed chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, known for its seasonal California cuisine.

As luxury travel evolves, the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills and its newest gem, Espelette, stand as testament to the fact that luxury is not just about opulence—it’s about offering unique, personalized experiences that transform ordinary moments into unforgettable memories. The flavors, ambiance, and authentic Mediterranean vibe at Espelette reflect the changing face of luxury travel. Whether you’re dining on mouthwatering dishes, admiring the striking design elements, or basking in the warm, inviting atmosphere, you’re part of a grand narrative—a narrative that celebrates the finest elements of Beverly Hills and the joy of discovery. Experience the best of what Beverly Hills has to offer at Espelette, where every meal is a celebration and every moment is a precious memory in the making.

Espelette Restaurant Opens at Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills

Pursuitist Final Take

Espelette is a culinary gemstone at the heart of the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills, where delicious food, luxurious design, and an unrivaled dining experience come together in harmony. For those seeking a taste of the Mediterranean while enjoying the luxuries of Beverly Hills, Espelette is a must-visit. So, we invite you to raise your glass, surrender your senses to the aroma, and let Espelette take you on a tantalizing journey that transcends borders and invites you into a world of unparalleled culinary grandeur.


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