We’ve all done it; propped our iPad up using whatever item is within arm’s reach, struggling to find the perfect angle. iPad stands have fought to find the right balance between simplicity and functionality and size. That’s where the VersaStand by Ergotech comes in.

versastand2The VersaStand is a folding aluminum iPad Desk Stand compatible with the iPad 2,3,4 and Mini. The VersaStand comes complete with a rubberized hard case. Industrial strength aluminum allows VersaStand to remain lightweight but high-quality for constant performance and usage.

Portable, flexible and functional – the VersaStand nails it. Just place your iPad into the included rubberized hard case and snap it into the stand. There are three articulating movement points giving it the flexibility you need. There are four different mounting options: Desk Stand, Surface Mount, Kickstand/Hand Mount and Kickstand/Hand Mount. Finally, the VersaStand folds up almost flat allowing for easy transport and storage.

The Ergotech VersaStand for the iPad costs $99.