Captured in a beautiful collection, wooden objects were transformed into functional decorative displays of natural elements under the attentive supervision of Italian designer Marco Stefanelli. The Brecce Collection is composed of several wooden trucks and branches split to reveal lights. This creative way of re-imagining a natural environment has recycling at its base. Scrap wood from sawmills, firewood or logs carried by the river ended up looking like they belong in any home defined by love and respect for surroundings.

It tends to remind us of the wonderful results of collaborating with nature and trying to use as much creativity when it comes to salvaged wooden parts. Those enlightening strips cutting through the trunks and branches is cast resin embedded with LEDs. Designer Marco Stefanelli discovered a really interesting way of creating a serene mood in any space. The ornamental lights accentuate this breach in the wood, making trunks look like hollow on the inside, filled only with light.