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Eco-friendly is the way for the new Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid supercar

Eco-friendly is the way for the new Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid supercar

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A slightly closer watch on the trend of luxury cars, and one can notice that there is a distinct interest in producing vehicles which would glide just as fine on alternative eco-friendly energy. From the BMW to Rolls Royce, every brand seems to have something of an hybrid edition of their luxury brands out there, and it’s Porsche’s turn to join the group. With the hybrid sector getting populated by the day, Porsche has bought in the latest 918 Spyder in it’s hybrid format.

Porsche Hybrid 2

To generate 880 BHP of engine thrust, Porsche put together the main power source of a V8 engine, generating 608 BHP. This gets coupled with the 156 BHP from the rear electric motor, and 116 BHP from the front. The credit for the design goes to the Weissach Pack which is a part of the offering.

Porsche Hybrid 3

Perhaps the reason why there are 5 driving modes, depending upon conditions, to optimize performance of the supercar. Those looking for speed thrills on this machine, can look to reach from 0 to 100 kmph within 8 seconds from placing a foot on the accelerator.

Porsche Hybrid 4

So looking to catch up with this special creation, do head to the Porsche stand at the Frankfurt Auto Show this year. Though there will be the concept edition of the edition, which many say will be priced around the $1.7 million range, but perhaps a demand from the wealthy buyers will ensure a few of these are seen on road.

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