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DrinkAdvisor App: Find The Best Bars, Clubs And Drinks Easily

DrinkAdvisor App: Find The Best Bars, Clubs And Drinks Easily

Christopher Parr | Pursuitist
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Get your drink on with the exceptionally easy to use and resourceful DrinkAdvisor – a new app for iOS and Android. If you haven’t already started downloading, begin now…

At Pursuitist, we’re always on the hunt for the latest bars, cool night clubs, up and coming mixologists, and trending new cocktails. With the free DrinkAdvisor app, life just got a whole lot easier to celebrate a night out on the town or make a cool cocktail at home.

DrinkAdvisor App

This is your one-stop-shop for the world’s best bars and drinks. The team at DrinkAdvisor have the best jobs in world as they’ve been researching and cataloging bars and night clubs in 200 of the biggest cities around the globe. Also, the app is extremely up to date as new bars and clubs are added every day.


How to begin? DrinkAdvisor’s slick interface is extremely simple to navigate; just sign up for an account and you’re ready to go. Explore bars and night clubs nearby, get information, read reviews and discover amazing destinations to hang out at with your friends. With just one tap, it is easy to get a detailed description on where to go, see photos of the interior, read user reviews and check working hours. Even if you’re offline, you can easily make a “list of favorite places” to visit when you travel.


DrinkAdvisor is also very social and connects to various social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The Events section allows you to make plans with your friends for a fun night out on the town. You easily create an event, which allows you to send out invites for a specific date, time, and location to your friends on Facebook, Twitter and in your address book. DrinkAdvisor is truly the life of the party.


Do you want to stay home and entertain your friends? Become your own bartender and learn how to make classic cocktails and new favorites. Detailed cocktail recipes are at your fingertips. The DrinkAdvisor app comes complete with a gigantic catalog of well-known drinks, famous cocktails and information about some of the world’s biggest drink brands. Whether you’re into vodka, whisky, rum, gin, brandy, or even beer, the app offers interesting facts and guides to your liquor of choice. From the beverage’s history, how to drink it, to suggested food pairings, you’ll be sure to discover something new.


If you’re looking for the ultimate drink guide, DrinkAdvisor has it all as the only app specializing in nightlife, bars, nightclubs and drinks. It’s free and available to download now for iOS and Android.