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Döttling Fusion Is A High-Tech Antique Safe

Döttling Fusion Is A High-Tech Antique Safe

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The makers of one of the finest antique and high security luxury safes have bought the best of both the worlds to design their latest creation. The German safe manufactory has launched Döttling Fusion, by combining the state-of-the-art Döttling Liberty and an antique safe from the Legends series. After all, collectibles worth millions need to be kept safely without compromising on style!

Dottling_fusion_safe_2Manufactured in Marseille, France, in 1820, the notable nail heads of Legends are reflected in the Liberty by rivets attached to a cover of the finest calfskin.

Dottling_fusion_safe_3The Legend occupies the upper section of Fusion and is designed to hold six watch winders and a drawer inside. The second half comprises of the Liberty which be customized to feature a skull set with Swarovski crystals which is designed to disguise the keypad for code entry. Liberty is spacious to hold eight watch winders and three drawers.

Dottling_fusion_safe_4Hence Fusion is a must have for those who cannot hold themselves from expanding their collection of watches and other collectibles.

Dottling_fusion_safe_5Functionally, Döttling Fusion is a complete modern and technically advanced safe. To cater to highest security requirements, it comes with an option to connect with a house alarm system too.

Dottling_fusion_safe_6 Dottling_fusion_safe_detailsDöttling Fusion can be ordered for 200,000 EUR which amounts up to $226,600.


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