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Corsa Karl and Choupette Exhibition Is All About The Cat And The Car By The Czar

Corsa Karl and Choupette Exhibition Is All About The Cat And The Car By The Czar

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Why hire the usual human models when one can have the world’s most famous cat from fashion world to just purr effortlessly to promote a car? Choupette, the pet cat of designer Karl Lagerfeld has modeled for the 2015 Opel Corsa Calendar. The head of design and creative director at Chanel was roped by the German carmaker for the photo shoot of the new Opel Corsa.

Opel-Corsa-calendar_Choupette_Karl_LagerfeldKarl Lagerfeld has just opened the photo exhibition “Corsa Karl and Choupette” for the Opel 2015 calendar with a vernissage at the Palazzo Italia in Berlin. The unusual exhibition put on display Karl’s photographs and drawings that bring one of the most popular passenger cars in Europe, the Opel Corsa, and one of the most unique models, Lagerfeld’s Birman cat Choupette, under one roof.

Opel-Corsa-calendar_Choupette_Karl_Lagerfeld_1Along with the twelve motives for 2015 Corsa calendar and private Polaroid photographs of Choupette, visitors will also be treated to additional photographs taken during the production of the calendar.Opel-Corsa-calendar_Choupette_Karl_Lagerfeld2 Opel-Corsa-calendar_Choupette_Karl_Lagerfeld3Praising his muse, Karl Lagerfeld, the photographer of the 2015 Corsa Calendar, commented, “I think that the new Opel Corsa, especially in red and with the numerous different equipment options including the new seats, is great and that is why I have already ordered one. It is the perfect car for the city.”

Opel-Corsa-calendar_Choupette_Karl_Lagerfeld4Opel Group CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann stated, “I am delighted that we managed to prominently position the new Opel Corsa with the calendar and this exhibition and that Karl Lagerfeld, whose model Choupette is the focal-point of the vernissage, is here personally today to open the exhibition.”

Opel-Corsa-calendar_Choupette_Karl_Lagerfeld5CMO Tina Müller added, “This vernissage unites the art of modern car construction with the creative work of Karl Lagerfeld in a very impressive way.”

Opel-Corsa-calendar_Choupette_Karl_Lagerfeld7Watch the New Generation Corsa and Choupette pose for fashion designer and photographer Karl Lagerfeld in this video –


The exhibition “Corsa Karl and Choupette” can be seen for free at the Palazzo Italia, Unter den Linden 10, in Berlin from February 4 to 22.