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Diane von Furstenberg Gives A Designer Makeover To Google Glass

Diane von Furstenberg Gives A Designer Makeover To Google Glass

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Technically, Google Glass is a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display. Now this definition may only be able to woo tech enthusiast and geeks. Hence in order to make Glass a must-have accessory for the rest of the fashion-forward population, Google has roped in Diane von Furstenberg to give it a designer makeover. 

DVF_Made_for_Glass_Google_sunglassesThese limited editions of Google’s revolutionary smart eyewear designed by Diane von Furstenberg will allow users to discover a new way to see the world. The designer, who is renowned for the revolutionizing wrap dress, had already garnered attention by making the Glass a part of her summer/spring 2013 collection and wearing the high-tech face accessory herself at the show. The DVF | Made for Glass collection of five optical frames and eight sunglasses will surface for sale on Google’s website and online luxury retailer Net-a-Porter from June 23. Upping the glamour quotient by wooing all DVF fans as well as fashion conscious people with DVF designed Glass, Google has stepped out of their usual nerdy territory into the world of luxury and fashion.

DVF_Spring_2013_google_glassThough the usual Glass frames are available in black, DVF designed collection will add color to the accessory. Also the sunglasses flaunt the “DVF” logo to up the exclusivity factor. 

The American fashion designer spoke about the association, “I have always been fascinated by technology and as a brand, DVF embraces technology. It is a very natural fit for us and we are delighted to be on the forefront with Glass.” Diane also asserts that “technology is your best accessory.”

This collaboration is Google’s first attempt to join hands with a fashion designer as well as sell it via a third party retailer. The DVF | Made for Glass prescriptive frames plus Glass will be priced at $1,725 while the shades will be available at $1,620.

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