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Detroit Watch Company’s Aviator Collection

Detroit Watch Company’s Aviator Collection

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Originating in Detroit in 2013, the Detroit Watch Company specializes in designing and producing a unique selection of high quality time pieces. All of their watches are durable and rely on mechanical, self-winding movement. However, it’s the elegant, timeless aesthetic of their pieces that make this company worthy of attention.

Most notable is their Aviator Collection, which began with their Pride of Detroit Aviator Series. This watch is inspired by the adventurous spirit of Edward F. Schlee who in 1927 purchased a Stinson-Detroiter monoplane and named it, “The Pride of Detroit”. Along with pilot Billy Brock, Schlee made an ambitious attempt to travel the globe in under 15 days. Despite being unable to realize this goal, the duo kept up their passion for aviation and made a number of other record setting flights. DWC’s watch honors their accomplishments with this watch which features an embossed graphic of the Pride of Detroit plane on the case back.

Recently, DWC has added two new watches to their Aviator Collection. The B24 Liberator comes in two variations and is currently available for pre-order, with assembly expected to begin in May of 2016. These pieces celebrate the history of Detroit’s Willow Run Bomber Factor which during WWII churned out B24 Liberators at a rate of one per hour.

The 44mm B24 Liberator watch is available for $1,850, whereas the 39mm variation is available for a more modest $1,100.