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Delta Says No To In-Flight Voice Calls

Delta Says No To In-Flight Voice Calls

Christopher Parr | Pursuitist
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Sorry, Delta flyers. Regardless of the suddenly lax stance from the airlines and the FCC on tablets and mobile devices, Delta is one airline that will not allow in-flight voice calls. Play Angry Birds to your heart’s content, but you can’t call grandma. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Delta CEO Richard Anderson says they won’t allow voice calls during flights, saying customer research and direct feedback from frequent fliers suggested allowing passengers to make voice calls during flights would be “a disruption to the travel experience.”

As the WSJ reports: “The Federal Communications Commission, which controls wireless airwaves, recently voted 3-to-2 to advance a proposal that would overturn a 22-year-old rule preventing cellphone use during flights, saying it didn’t see a technical reason to prohibit calls.”

Never-the-less, and putting “technical reasons” aside, Pursuitist wholeheartedly supports Delta’s decision. Who wants to sit next to the business traveler, the obnoxious Michael Scott-type, droning on via his iPhone as he chats it up endlessly with his colleagues back at the office? Or the teenage Chatty Cathy talking on her mobile to her beau back home, as they’re locked in a romantic interlude? Listening to a one-sided conversion for a 4 hour flight, and being locked in close confines, is a surefire way to create more headaches while traveling. Damn teenagers, get off my lawn. Agree or disagree? Comment below.