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Crowdfunded full-sized Lego Hot Rod runs on air

Crowdfunded full-sized Lego Hot Rod runs on air

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Legos stand the test of time. Anyone who is a parent realizes it when they sit down with their child (or grandchild) and start creating a fort or house or car out of the famous colored interlocking bricks. It’s still fun. So it’s no surprise that some of us take our Lego obsession a little too seriously. That leads us to Australian Steve Sammartino and his 20-year old Romanian technology partner, Raul Oaida.

The two men started the “Super Awesome Micro Project,” which raised enough cash (between $500-1000) to acquire over half-a-million Lego bricks to construct a full-sized Lego car. The two built the car in Romania before moving it to Australia.

The car has a 256-piston, air-powered Lego radial engine, capable going up to 18 mph. The only non-Lego parts are the gauges, while rims and tires.

Kudos to Sammartino, Oaida and the “Super Awesome Micro Project” – it really is pretty super and pretty awesome.







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