Located on Pacific Coast Highway, this excellent luxurious residence will fascinate you long after you have finished reading this post. The beauty of its design lines, building materials, style and landscape can hardly be  expressed in words, as you can see in the photos. Along one of the the most beautiful coastlines in the world, this residence lies under the perfect Californian sun, showcasing unique interiors that would perfectly suit a modern family.

Not far from Encinal Bluffs, one of Malibu’s most sought-after beaches, the Italian-inspired architecture of the 32852 Pacific Coast Highway sparkles in the bright Californian sun. Offered at $26 million, the luxury villa displays a fascinating contemporary stone facade and stunning interiors. And on top of that, the 2,500 square foot roof top terrace captures extensive panoramas of the Ocean. Each and every detail of this exquisite dream home, the exceptionally beautiful landscaped garden and the fantastic, natural surroundings can be enjoyed in the photos below.