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Cosmico Opens in New York City

Cosmico Opens in New York City

From the team behind cult favorite Oscar Wilde, comes brand new Cosmico. Spanish for cosmic, Cosmico brings a whole new experience to the New York City dining scene by focusing on the celebration of Latin-American food, people, design and culture.



When you step into the restaurant, the first thing you will notice is the uplifting smell of palo santo. Used for purification, you can find it used to shift the energy of the space. The zen interior features pink florals, as well as furniture and accents from Mexico and tiles and textiles imported from South America. Once in the dining room, the open kitchen gives guests a glimpse of the modern interpretation of authentic Latin-American cuisine like fried fish tacos, fluke ceviche, empanadas and mini arepas.



The beverage program designed by Beverage Director Kris Baljak is a twist on recognizable cocktails with a South-American flair. All cocktails are inspired and named after alternative Latin Artists, like Florecita Rockera (Flower Girl Rocker)$16 by Aterciopelados and Tu Recuerdo (I Remember You)$16 by Rocco Posca, and use only high-quality, authentic ingredients. You will find several agave-based spirits, vibrant fruit notes, earthiness and pops of color among the several cocktail options.


Don’t miss the bespoke Happy Hour menu Tuesday-Friday from 5:30pm-6:30pm, with the Cosmico Cosmo & Cosmico Rita for just $10, paired with guacamole, fish or steak tacos, and a variety of empanadas for $9. For more information or to book a reservation: