A relaxing hybrid guides your thoughts towards endless summer days and those perfect moments under the stars. I’m referring to La Seóra hammock – a luxurious cross-combination between a hammock, a lounge chair and an armchair. Combining cultural influences of American recliners and Caribbean hammocks, this unique piece of furniture is definitely the best combination between the two.

With plywood beams supporting your body like a conventional hammock never can, La Seóra also provides armrests integrated in the design and a footrest that can easily be adapted according to your height. Materials composing this luxurious hammock are high quality Birch marine plywood and inox. Easy to disassemble for storage, La Seóra is not only convenient, but it also supports your back with its plywood beams, avoiding slouching and creating the perfect backdrop for relaxing afternoons spent in the garden or by the pool.