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Cold Souls Trailer with Paul Giamatti

Cold Souls Trailer with Paul Giamatti

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Is your soul weighing you down? Paul Giamatti has found a solution! In the surreal comedy COLD SOULS, Paul Giamatti plays an actor named Paul Giamatti. Stumbling upon an article in The New Yorker about a high-tech company that extracts, deep-freezes and stores peoples souls, Paul very well might have found the key to happiness for which hes been searching. But, complications arise when he is the unfortunate victim of soul-trafficking. Giamattis journey takes him all the way to Russia in hopes of retrieving his stolen soul from an ambitious but talentless soap-opera actress. Balancing a tightrope between deadpan humor & pathos, and reality & fantasy, COLD SOULS is a true soul searching comedy. Also starring David Strathairn, Dana Korzun and Emily Watson

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