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Cocktails at Home: The Perfect Martini

Cocktails at Home: The Perfect Martini

Celebrate National Martini Day on June 19th with the perfect martini. Want to make the perfect martini? We asked Bob Nolet (Vice President of Marketing, Master Distiller at Nolet Spirits) his tips for crafting the best martini:

  • It starts with a quality vodka, which to me means a base spirit that is crisp instead of sharp or overpowering. It stands on its own in flavor, with only a splash of dry vermouth.

  • Stirred which yields proper dilution and temperature key ingredients for a good martini. If you’ve got a properly diluted martini, you should never need ice, which is why it’s best served up, and in a chilled martini glass. A lemon twist to garnish is my preferred final touch, adding a delightful pop of citrus aroma.

  • Make sure your glass is chilled

  • Serve your martini in a small glass, it will help keep things cold longer. Bigger glasses tend to get warm quicker

  • When stirring – don’t use crushed ice use solid ice cubes. The more solid the ice the less dilution, plus the spirit will get colder quicker

  • Vermouth oxidizes, so a fresh bottle really is the sign of a pro. A fresh bottle means fresh flavors. Always store your vermouth in the fridge

Here’s the recipe for the perfect martini:

The Ketel One Perfect Martini


  • 1.25 oz. Ketel One® Vodka

  • 0.25 oz. dry vermouth

  • Lemon twist


  • Stir vodka with ice in a mixing glass

  • Strain into a martini glass

  • Garnish with a lemon twist