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5 Entertaining Tips From Designer Jeremy Scott

5 Entertaining Tips From Designer Jeremy Scott


Well-known Creative Director of high fashion brand Moschino Jeremy Scott has teamed up with Ecco Domani to unveil a limited-edition, the 90s inspired design label for the Pinot Grigio. Perfect in time for summer, the label is the perfect accessory to summer barbeques and sunny get-togethers.  Here are a few entertaining tips from Jeremy to make your summer gatherings designer status:


  • Jeremy likes to pair a nice crisp cold Pinot Grigio with Margherita pizza



  • Jeremy’s go-to item on his bar cart is ice.  He loves everything to be chilled- cool and refreshing.




  • Jeremy’s secret to a perfect bar cart or tablespace is plenty of Plexi: ice buckets, trays, carts! Not many people know this but plexiglass actually refracts light more than glass.



  • If Jeremy was to create a 90s inspired tablespace and/or bar cart when entertaining, neon is a must. Jeremy thinks to have a neon plexiglass cart would be so chic.



  • Jeremy Scott is not afraid to think outside of the box and likes to push the boundaries of entertaining. When he did The Sims x Moschino party at Coachella, he focused on a “green diamond” theme with burgers, ice cream sandwiches and a giant slide.