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Inside The Ketel One Vodka Distillery: Photo Tour

Inside The Ketel One Vodka Distillery: Photo Tour

Christopher Parr | Pursuitist
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Pursuitist was invited to Amsterdam in celebration of King’s Day – the biggest party in the Dutch calendar and one of Europe’s biggest celebrations. We were a guest of Ketel One, the iconic vodka brand, which has been voted the ‘Best Selling Vodka’ and ‘Most Trending Vodka’ of 2016 in the ‘The World’s 50 Best Bars Brand Report’, by Drinks International. With over 300 years of Nolet distilling expertise, Ketel One has become the leading vodka in the US. To learn more about the brand, Pursuitist visited the distillery in the quaint fishing village of Schiedam, Holland.

Join us on our photo tour of the Ketel One Vodka Distillery, where over 2.5 million cases of crisp, clean and delicious Ketel One vodka is crafted with an amazing attention to detail.

Arriving in style in Amsterdam with Ketel One vans featuring King’s Day.

Founded by Joannes Nolet in the fishing village of Schiedam, Holland in 1691, the Nolet Distillery has produced high-quality spirits for more than three centuries.

The distillery gives regular tours, and we started ours in the replica windmill built in 2005 at the distillery, which is located about an hour away from Amsterdam.

One of the beautifully designed bars at the distillery.

The brand proudly embraces their Dutch heritage. The Nolet family first began making jenever, a highly aromatic Dutch gin, in 1691.

Inside the stunning new windmill.

A series of interconnected buildings and a large windmill form the operational landscape and, while the windmill is a recent addition, it powers almost 20% of the Nolet Distillery’s electricity.

Meeting Carolus Nolet, the man behind the Ketel One brand. Carolus discovered the perfect recipe by combining modern column distillation with the unique liquid produced by copper pot stills. He named it after the oldest, coal-fired copper pot still used at the distillery – Distilleerketel #1.

Eleven generations are behind Ketel One.

Ketel One is so named for the original coal-fired copper still that was used to distill it, Distilleerketel #1. Nolet distillery ambassador Dennis Tamse, pictured below, says Ketel One lacks the “Mike Tyson punch” that lesser vodkas often possess – the raw power that is often mistaken for a full flavor. Instead, it is a subtler drink, gently tingling the mouth without ever burning.

The Nolet Distillery ships 2.5 million cases of Ketel One vodka every year to the U.S., its largest market.

In our blind taste test, I found Ketel One vodka to be smooth, crisp and clean compared to other luxury brands. It’s also exquisitely made, which is the way of the Nolet family. Quality.

Afterwards, we caught sight of the stunning Holland tulips.

We couldn’t resist entering into the beautiful tulip fields.

A wonderful day in Holland.

Afterwards, we were transported to the Ketel One House in Amsterdam – that’s ‘Huis’ to the Dutch – an offshore platform (now REM Eiland Restaurant).

We had our very own personal drinks butler catering to every taste.

A delicious handcrafted Ketel One Vodka Martini.

Cheers to Ketel One and King’s Day.