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Cinderella Visits Harrods Windows

Cinderella Visits Harrods Windows

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Disney’s Cinderella film is all set to hit the screens on March 13th in the US. However in London, Harrods is already celebrating the romantic fantasy film by inviting Cinderella to it windows on Brompton Road.

harrods_windows_cinderella_2While the classic fairy tale brings to life the timeless images from Disney’s 1950 animated masterpiece, the world’s most famous department store in Knightsbridge has transformed its celebrated windows into the world of fairy tale at the stroke of midnight. Onlookers and shoppers can discover the magic as Cinderella appears along with her handsome Prince in one of the six windows.

harrods_windows_cinderella_1Others scenes in the windows show Cinderella meeting her Fairy Godmother as well as Lady Tremaine and the wicked step sisters dressing up for the ball. One more window depicts the scene of the step sisters trying on the glass slipper.

Harrods_cinderellaCinderella’s wedding to the Prince also makes a part of the legendary Harrods Windows, where dreams and imaginations come true.