This season at Baselworld 2013, Chopard introduces the talisman of love to all those who want to express their feelings by wearing jewelry. Worn to seal love forever, a Talisman is an object  possessing magical properties that attracts good luck for the wearer. To promote this enchanting style, Chopard has unveiled ‘For You’ High Jewelry collection. Adorned with precious heart-shaped stones, this collection of rings, earrings and pendants is designed only for you. A heart symbolizes love and is known as the most romantic of diamond shapes. Also since wearing a four-leaf clover is considered to be a good omen, the heart shaped stones are set in groups of four which is highlighted with round diamond in the center. If red is your favored shade, then opt for the rose gold version which holds diamonds and rubies with love.




A white gold version set with diamonds or amethysts is created for those who are shy to flaunt red.

Delicately crafted in the Chopard High Jewellery workshops, the collection features one or two flowers depending on the model.