The first hotel by Swire Hotels vibrates with colors, use of modern building materials and comfortable accessories. The Opposite House Hotel in the Sanlitun Village, Beijing, welcomes its guests with its cosmopolitan atmosphere. Rising among shopping venues, restaurants and entertaining areas, the new hotel was designed by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma.

Showcasing its contrasting nature even in the name, the luxurious hotel displays an emerald glass facade inspired by the classic Chinese wood lattice and mirroring the dynamic nature of its urban surroundings. Inside, a spacious atrium and contemporary gallery steal the spotlight. On the gallery walls, ten Chinese artists who reinterpreted the facade in textile pieces display their works. Further inside the luxurious hotel we find 98 modern studios of different sized – from 45 to 115 square meters – and a fascinating two story penthouse suite spreading over 200 square meters. Heated floors and bamboo throughout give the interior spaces a comfortable warmth, while glamorous reflecting surfaces, patterns, colors and materials compose a serene environment. With a set of dining and entertaining features, the hotel must be visited for its inspiring design at least.