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Chevrolet supersizes Volt with MPV5 concept

Chevrolet supersizes Volt with MPV5 concept

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Fans of electric cars, take note of Chevy’s new Volt MPV5.

Chevrolet has taken the yet-unreleased Volt extended-range electric vehicle in an odd direction for the Chinese market, making it bigger and less efficient with the newly revealed Volt MPV5 concept. The concept takes the styling cues of the Volt sedan that we’re already familiar with and super-sizes it into a five-seat crossover. The Volt MPV5 is only 0.6 inches longer in wheel base, but overall it is 7 inches longer than the sedan version. Height has been increased by about 7 inches and width has spread by 2.9 inches. The result is a vehicle that gives its five passengers a bit more elbow room. – From CNET