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Caribbean Showcase, Fall 2013

Caribbean Showcase, Fall 2013

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Los Angeles might not be known as one of world’s fashion capitals but my goodness, do they try! After Paris and New York, one’s expectations might be high and LA Fashion Week is almost meeting the bar.

There are few show producers in the sunny city, one that has gained a consistent good rep is Concept LA Fashion Week. Produced by Mike Vensel, a designer himself (and an amazing one at that) Concept focuses on showing not just already great successes but also up and coming international talents. This Saturday, I got to catch a the Caribbean Showcase. The two Barbados designers- Brandi Estwick and Kesia Estwick showed their individual collections with pride. Brave with cutouts and black and white motifs, Kesia shined in structured tailoring, pencil skirts and daring designs. Choosing not to use any color, she instead created her pieces to carry attitude and edge. Brandi, did not shy away from color and accented her collection with gold and bright red while bringing out floor length dresses which were feminine yet powerful.

These young designers might still have a lot to learn but their eagerness and passion already brought them to LA and seems like their talent will only continue taking them places. We’re rooting for yah, ladies!











Caribbean Showcase Fall 2013