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Can Hyundai be a U.S. luxury car?

Can Hyundai be a U.S. luxury car?

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Sorry, the 70k Hyundai will never succeed in the US, and in this economic times.

Hyundai is hoping it can bring up its image as a maker of luxury cars with the U.S. roll-out of Equus, which runs for $70,000. But experts say lifting the company’s existing brand won’t be easy. – from MarketPlace

While the Equus would go head-to-head with such luxury stalwarts as the BMW 7 series, Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Lexus LS460, it’s price-point of approximately $75,000 (according to the USAToday) could still be too high for brand-obsessed buyers. However, the current economic climate could cause consumers to finally look beyond the badge and start considering alternatives that offer all the amenities available from the Germans and Japanese at a lower cost. But Gadasz admits Hyundai doesn’t expect the Equus to be a huge seller in the States, saying, “We have modest expectations.” – from Autoblog