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Callas Washbasin by Vincenzo Catoio

Callas Washbasin by Vincenzo Catoio

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Beautifully crafted, the Callas Washbasin adorns modern spaces with the desire to be the focal point of the bathroom. Designed by Italian industrial designer Vincenzo Catoio of Advance Design, the contemporary washbasin displays a unique, carefully studied shape. Slightly slanted, the sophisticated elliptical washbasin can be admired over and over, without the feeling of boring repetition.

Each time the washbasin is used, its shape will define the way you look at its sleek design. Constructed of Exmar, a synthetic insulating material that keeps the water warm, the Callas washbasin not only looks modern and fresh, but it also has the necessary high-tech material quality of modern bathroom furniture. By studying and analyzing its shape and choice of material, the designer created a very sophisticated and bold washbasin design. Available in two versions – a standing pedestal or ready to be placed on a custom-made base – the Callas Washbasin fabricates a new and exciting atmosphere in the bathroom.

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