There is one decorative item that can be as versatile as you want it to be: cushions. There are so many shapes, sizes, patterns, colors and textures on the market, that anyone can find the perfect cushion for each situation and style. Today we would like to show you a cushion of fresh elegance, that exploits the material and single color use to its advantage.

Cushion X4 by Celia Nkala is an artistic decorative element at the border between the comfortable appearance of a lightweight cushion and the provoking material choice – coated canvas and various technical fabrics. The easily recognizable cushion shape was used four times in the same piece. Enhanced by the black textured finishes, an interesting effect is created. Its dimensions – 50x50x35 cm – make it perfect to be used as seating units that will adorn your floors and offer an inviting modern alternative to chairs.