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BuzzFeed Unveils Cooktop Appliance For Tasty App

BuzzFeed Unveils Cooktop Appliance For Tasty App

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BuzzFeed has created its first smart appliance for fans of their wildly popular Tasty page, whose snappy recipe videos have helped it become the largest social food network in the world.

Dubbed The Tasty One Top, the induction, countertop cooktop can perform everything from pan cooking, slow cooking to sous-vide recipes.

But the genius of the device is its clever marketing tie-in with the Tasty brand, with Bluetooth capabilities that sync up to the newly launched Tasty app.

Though the cooktop can be used independently from the app, the device can also connect directly to the Tasty app and regulate temperatures and cooking time in sync with the recipe.

So when you’re following a Tasty recipe, the One Top will automatically change its temperature and power settings, in accordance with the instructions.

Likewise, the One Top will tell users when to flip their pancake, or add their veggies, for the perfect execution of a dish.

After inputting details like the meat’s thickness and preferred doneness, the cooktop will deliver a steak cooked perfectly to the T: Developers claim the device can bring liquid temperature to within 1°F of precision and the surface temperature of a pan within 5°F.

The cooktop was developed in partnership with GE Appliance’s First Build Team.

BuzzFeed’s Tasty page reaches one in four Facebook users worldwide, and currently boasts more than 84.7 million followers. Their videos attract 2.3 billion views a month.

The Tasty One Top is available for pre-order in limited quantities and retails for US$149. Shipping starts in November.