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Business schools strive to make leaders – not just managers

Business schools strive to make leaders – not just managers

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Good article from Forbes.

Hard work and technical ability might once have been enough to ensure promotion to the boardroom or the partnership table. Today interpersonal skills, a flair for selling ideas and a capacity for developing people are all just as important. But even combining all those talents as good management is no longer sufficient. The top positions in business are occupied by leaders now, not managers. Leadership isn’t just a fancy name for effective management. There are obviously common elements to being a good manager and being a leader, but the pixie dust of great leaders comes down to their ability to inspire others. Professor Anat Lechner at the NYU Stern School of Business challenges the command-and-control-follow-me approach, instead emphasizing an enabling role. In her courses on leadership training, she says, participants learn to distribute power and support from behind rather than simply leading from in front. “As leaders inspire the minds and hearts of their followers, we also ask them to act humbly and ‘egolessly’,” she explains. “They need to empower others to take a front seat by facilitating relationships, authenticity, meaningful conversations and the self-expression of team members.” – From Forbes

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