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Bulgari Papillon Voyageur Watch: The French Luxury “Butterfly”

Bulgari Papillon Voyageur Watch: The French Luxury “Butterfly”

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The passion for luxury knows no limits when it comes to watches. The French “butterfly”, Daniel Roth Papillion Vayageur, from Bulgari is one of the most amazing and artful watches we’ve seen lately and since it represents the very essence of elegance and grace, we thought to share it with you too.

This exclusive timepiece, named after the Swiss watchmaking company acquired by Bulgari (Daniel Roth), features an anthracite dial, a brown alligator strap with an 18kt pink gold folding buckle and it displays a second time zone in an 18kt pink gold case. Papillion Voyageur is a complex watch: first, there are the local hours, which are displayed digitally in a vertical window. Everything’s simple so far. Then, there’s the second time zone, occupying the central part of it. Its two pivoting blue-coloured hands measure the minutes in the hour and the ten-minute increments. As you see, it’s not an easy-to-read watch.

There are only 99 pieces in the world, so owning such a stunning piece of jewellery says more about you than you think it does. It means you cultivate the taste of luxury and high class products without having second thoughts. If a staggering price like $52,100 has no effect on you, then you definitely are one of those individuals who judge a product by its essence and quality, ignoring its price or cover. View-Front-Papillon-VoyageurLuxury-Watch-Details-SideMechanism