A rich brand with rich products makes your life perfect! The saying goes well with the latest appliance series unveiled by a luxury auto brand. Bugatti has unveiled a range of luxurious kitchen appliances which include a pot, kettle, toaster, coffee maker, and a blender. The most unique thing about the collection is that it has different artistic versions that delight individuals with varied tastes. It is manufacturer’s luxury, elegance, and quality for individuals because of which the range has been named Bugatti Individual. Sophisticated high quality materials have been used to perfect each piece of this auto-inspired collection.

The Italian artisans have used their experience and skillful technology to create this high-end range to woo affluent customers. The detailing can thus be observed very clearly because the artists have spent hours in decorating the series with their hands. One of the lines has elements decorated with Swarovski elements. To allure individuals who are fans of blue jeans, a Denim series has been created. The third line features high-quality leather which has been wrapped around the appliances with best tailoring works. The collection is available in various color combinations like black, red, gray, mélange, green, milk, and blue. A very unique line named as ‘Newspaper’ has also been crafted with an exquisite newspaper texture. Bugatti also offers limited edition 24ct gold plated coffee maker Diva which is also available in silver and chrome variants.