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Bugatti Launches A Chiron Inspired Bike

Bugatti Launches A Chiron Inspired Bike

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Bugatti is speeding up to leave its mark on all modes of transport, with the $2.6 million Bugatti Chiron on highway and the Chiron-inspired Bugatti Niniette 66 on the blue waters. The makers of the world’s fastest production cars have turned their attention to cycling tracks too for two-wheelers, with the launch of PG Bugatti bike which is, of course, inspired by non other than the supercar Chiron.
Designed by Bugatti and developed by German bike builder PG, the high-tech bike weighs less than five kilograms. Touted to be the lightest special urban bike in the world, the maker claims it to be a piece of sports equipment and not intended to be used on public roads. Does it mean that the bicycle is meant for professional cycling race tracks only? This needs to be addressed with more clarity for sure.

Like Chiron, this new bicycle also boasts of highest quality carbon fiber that helps to maintain the bicycle’s weight to just 11 pounds. Right from the frame, fork, rims, handlebar, seat, seat post, to crank and brake, all of it is carbon fiber. 

While, all frame cross sections are oversized to ensure maximum rigidity, the handlebars are equipped with shock absorbers to substantially improve comfort. Also all carbon components are of high-strength fiber as well as the frame cross sections have been optimized for the aerodynamic demands of high speeds. Manufactured and processed in Germany, the materials and methods used to shape this beast on two wheels are found only in the motor sport and aeronautic industries. This guarantees the lightest weight and highest rigidity possible.Customization options include matching the bicycles to the Bugattis with special paints, carbon in various colors, numerous types of leather and more. While official pricing hasn’t been unveiled, it is expected to ride for $39,000. Only 667 units of this bike will hit the roads to make it the most sought after bicycle.

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