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Bottega Veneta Women’s Spring-Summer 2014 Collection Stars Blythe

Bottega Veneta Women’s Spring-Summer 2014 Collection Stars Blythe

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We’ve seen designers doll up Barbies with their exclusive collections. Bottega Veneta moves past Mattel fashion doll and favors Blythe to model its Women’s Spring-Summer 2014 Collection.

Bottega_Veneta_Blythe Sloane_London_TokyoHasbro’s fashion doll with an oversized head and large eyes stars in the Italian fashion house’s in-store and online launch to celebrate their latest collection worldwide. Life-size editions of Blythe dolls are already seen wearing pieces from the latest chic collection in the windows at Fifth Avenue Windows in New York (until 20th Feb.), Ginza in Tokyo (until 16th Feb.) and at Sloane in London (until 19th Feb.).

Bottega_Veneta_Blythe_5Keeping up with the trend, she will also be wooing onlookers and shoppers at Sant’Andrea and Montenapoleone in Milan from 13th Feb. until 3rd March and at Montaigne and Faubourg in Paris from 20th Feb until 3rd March.

Bottega_Veneta_Blythe_1Take a look at these images that show Blythe clad in exclusive Bottega Veneta outfits featured next to real-life models wearing the same.

Bottega_Veneta_Blythe2Bottega Veneta’ Creative Director Tomas Maier stated that the collection is about freshness and Blythe is known for her uniqueness as well as her sense of style, wears it effortlessly and with confidence. The result is surreal, reflecting a dynamic combination of elegance and modernity.

Bottega_Veneta_Blythe3Bringing the doll out of the box and inflating her size to match up with customary mannequins has literally been an out of the box initiative by the fashion house. Since Blythe is more popular in Japan, she will be modeling the collection in two store windows in Tokyo.

Bottega_Veneta_Blythe4Created in 1972, original Blythe doll stands tall at 11 inches with a super-size head and large eyes that change color with the pull of a string. Renowned for discretion, quality, and craftsmanship, Bottega Veneta has created a new standard of luxury since its founding in 1966.

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