Beyonce is all set to put her best foot forward in her new music video by strapping on the $337,000 diamond-studded stilettos. house-of-borgezie-princess-constellation-heels_2Queen Bey will rock these ornamented sandals designed by Christopher Shellis of Birmingham based jewelry designer House of special-edition pair of stilettos has been exclusively designed for the singer and there is a more than very good chance that they are going to be in the next Beyonce video. It is also known that Beyonce has bought the designer’s $85,000 gold basque reveals that these took over two months to make, with more than 1,300 diamonds totaling 65.50 carats set into solid 18K gold. He also added that the heels cost over $337,000 because the diamonds are set into the structure of the stiletto. The Borgezie Princess Diamond Constellation is touted to be ‘Possibly the eighth wonder of the world’.beyonce_most_powerful_celebrityHouse of Borgezie Via Footwear News