Best Luxury Blogs

Best Luxury Blogs


Christopher Parr of Pursuitist Named Best Luxury Influencer and Blogger in the World by The Luxury Lifestyle Awards

New York, New York – 8/11/2023 – The Luxury Lifestyle Awards, the international organization dedicated to selecting, recognizing, and celebrating the best in luxury, has named Christopher Parr of Pursuitist the Official Winner of the Top 50 Best Luxury Influencers and Bloggers in the World, learn more here.

Founded in 2008, Pursuitist is the only ad-free and independent leading luxury publication, with over 30 million unique monthly web visitors and over 700 thousand combined social followers. Curating and reviewing the very best in luxury, the 5-star travel & lifestyle guide is the utmost authority on rating high-end experiences, products, and destinations.

Internationally recognized as one of the world’s most influential luxury lifestyle and travel publications, the award-winning engages affluent connoisseurs with luxe content and reviews that speak to their high-end interests.

“Setting itself apart from other brands, shines with its unique 5-Star Gold Award section, showcasing personal experiences and recommendations that resonate deeply with luxury consumers. They not only influence and inspire readers to experience the product or service themselves, but also fosters trust and awareness, making Pursuitist an invaluable player in the media industry,” said Alexander Chetchikov, CEO and Founder of Luxury Lifestyle Awards.

Pursuitist Named Best Luxury Influencer and Blogger in the World by The Luxury Lifestyle Awards
Pursuitist Named Best Luxury Influencer and Blogger in the World by The Luxury Lifestyle Awards


“Pursuitist is honored to be recognized as the Best Luxury Influencer and Blogger in the World by The Luxury Lifestyle Awards. Our mission is to curate the very best for our discerning readers, empowering them to make informed choices in their pursuit of happiness,” added Christopher Parr, the Founder of Pursuitist.

About Christopher Parr

For over 20 years, Christopher Parr has been a luxury influencer to the influencers. Renowned as a marketing and content leader, he has launched luxury brands and consulted for entities spanning high-end fashion, luxury appliances, automotive industries, luxury hotel chains, and technology companies. He stands as the go-to source for the latest in luxury travel experiences, tech, cars, and gadgets. Writers, editors, and producers alike turn to him for the newest trends.

Indeed, Parr is the ultimate luxury insider. One minute he’s at a wine tasting with John Legend in Napa, and the next, he’s on a Lexus yacht with A-Rod, driving BMWs with Chef Thomas Keller of The French Laundry, or attending a Four Seasons Hotel opening with founder Isadore Sharp.

Christopher Parr of Pursuitist traveling the world with A-Listers, Include A-Rod and John Legend
Christopher Parr of Pursuitist traveling the world with A-Listers, including A-Rod and John Legend

In between, Parr is often spotted at prestigious events — from Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Chanel, and Dior runway shows to events at Cannes. He’s known for experiencing the most expensive drinks in Cognac, touring legendary suites and exclusive resorts, and enjoying VIP experiences at world-renowned destinations like The Ritz-Carlton, Nobu Hotels, Walt Disney World, Aman Hotels, One&Only Resorts, Rosewood Hotels, and more.

Even during his first-class flights home, Parr doesn’t stop. It’s not unusual to discover him interviewing celebrities like Chris Pratt and Margot Robbie about their favorite travel destinations, restaurants, and travel hacks.

Parr’s long-term dedication to the luxury travel industry, being the utmost authority on classic and authentic luxury experiences and products, and his support for emerging new lux brands and selfless mentoring of journalist newcomers made him deserving of the title ‘Best Luxury Influencer and Blogger in the World.’ This is amplified by Pursuitist being the only ad-free, independent luxury publication, delivering unbiased recommendations devoid of commissions or affiliate influences.

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Looking for the best luxury blogs and websites, reporting on all things luxe for the affluent crowd? From style, fashion, travel, home, gadgets, style, bling to auto, here’s our list of the best luxury blogs for 2011, selected by the Pursuitist Editors.

First off, launched one year ago. It’s been a great year, blogging about the luxury lifestyle, featured in Forbes, Time, NY Times, Gizmodo, USA Today, Techcrunch, Gawker and much more. Our mission is to go beyond bling, to “find and share the good things in life.” We’ve been reviewed as “a daily digest of the best of luxury,” and “a Huffington Post for luxury” — and we thank you, our faithful readers, for noticing. Featuring Christopher Parr (named one of the Top 10 Luxury Travel Bloggers by USA Today Readers), Editor-in-Chief, with guest contributors from Forbes, Mashable, New York Post, Luxist, Conde Nast Traveler, TechCrunch, Glamour, Saveur and more sharing their favorite luxuries. And we do have the best luxury bloggers.

So without any further ado, the best of the best, our favorites — The 2011 Best Luxury Websites and Blogs, handpicked by the Pursuitist Editors:

  • BornRich
  • The Life
  • Luxpresso
  • JamesSpotting
  • RobbReport
  • Luxury Daily
  • Luxury Reviewer
  • Luxuo
  • Luxury Insider
  • The Luxe Chronicles
  • Savionaire
  • Luxury Magazine
  • Elite Choice
  • Mosnar Communications
  • CPP-Luxury
  • LuxeInACity

And we also recommend daily browsing of Bloomberg, Forbes, CNN Money, Financial Times, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, WWD, Uncommon Update, Luxury Lab and Luxury Institute. (And farewell to

Are we missing anyone? Do you have a top luxury lifestyle blog? Please share your favorite luxury blog or website by emailing us at Pursuitist @

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