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Barnes & Noble’s Shiny, Sharing-Friendly ‘Nook’ eBook Reader

Barnes & Noble’s Shiny, Sharing-Friendly ‘Nook’ eBook Reader

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Nook vs. Kindle. Not as exciting souding as Ali vs. Frazier. Still, early reviews have been positive, and people seem happy that the Nook offers a credible alternative to the Kindle. Next up – the Apple Tablet.

Barnes & Noble’s Kindle competitor may have been the worst-kept secret since balloon boy’s disastrous appearance on CNN last week. But the advance hype doesn’t seem to have hurt the launch of the Nook, an impressive-looking $260 device that will go head-to-head with’s Kindle, currently the most successful product in a small but growing market for e-book readers. Basic details of the Nook were published by the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday following leaked images that appeared on Gizmodo last week. And Barnes & Noble leaked product details hours before reporters filed into Pier 60 on in Manhattan for the announcement on Tuesday afternoon. – From Wired