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Apple’s new multitouch Magic Mouse

Apple’s new multitouch Magic Mouse

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Mac fans rejoice.

Apple’s new Magic Mouse brings multitouch technologies first exposed on the iPhone and MacBook touchpad to the venerable mouse. The new design presents a solid acrylic surface on a low-profile body, lacking any physical buttons or the scroll ball of Apple’s previous Mighty Mouse. More significantly, it shifts the use of the mouse from sensing movement of the device itself over a surface, to one where the user’s fingers are sensed as they move across the surface of the device. The new mouse still uses laser optical tracking to find its relative coordinates, but the new multitouch surface turns it into a closer cousin of the trackpad. The multitouch features of the new Magic Mouse are more closely related to those on the MacBook trackpad than the iPhone. For example, both are designed to accommodate secondary clicks (“right clicking”), something that has no analog on the iPhone. Because finger position is sensed in software, the user can configure secondary clicking for contextual menus to respond to either right or left handed contentions. Like the earlier Mighty Mouse, users can also disable secondary clicking entirely. – From Apple Insider