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Baccarat’s 250th Anniversary Celebration At Harrods

Baccarat’s 250th Anniversary Celebration At Harrods

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Baccarat is going places to celebrate the joy of existing for two and half decades. The latest renowned destination to be glorified by the legendary French crystal company to mark its 250th anniversary is Harrods at London. Shifting out of the comforts of its homeland, Baccarat has put on display the world’s most illustrious Crystal works in the windows of the one of the most visited high-end departmental store for the first time. Exhibiting the brand’s iconic pieces which are a symbol of elegance and perfection, the commemorative event will be running up to 29th March 2014. The famous Brompton Road windows are dazzling with breathtaking display of Baccarat heritage items, contemporary pieces and special anniversary collections which are fashioned from breath and exalted by fire. The windows are dressed as a dining room, a library and a garden room to host the collections.

Baccarat_250_anniversary_harrods_dining_roomThe window that has been transformed in to the most luxurious dining room is set with a crystal table. Onlookers can only admire the Harcourt, Mille Nuits and Mosaïque stemware that celebrates the Art de Vivre in real French style. The highlight of this window is the Zenith clear and red crystal chandelier that embodies impressive timeless character, illuminating the room with its unique sparkle.

Baccarat_250_anniversary_harrods_libraryThe library styled window has put on display three new pieces specially created for Baccarat’s 250th anniversary. While we have already spoken about the Harcourt Chessgame by Nendo, the two majestic vases New Antique designed by Marcel Wanders embody Baccarat’s outstanding expertise, offering bold, timeless work that combines classic designs with contemporary geometric elements. One of the walls of the pop-up library also puts on display a re-issued Sun Clock created by Georges Chevalier in 1948. The rays of this solid crystal sunburst transcend the brand’s excellence, a symbol of French art de vivre. This crystal sun time telling device has also adorned the walls of Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe’s Manhattan apartment.

Baccarat_250_anniversary_harrods_garden_roomThe Winter Garden room blooms with Baccarat’s vases collections. This window is lit up by the magnificent 37-light Zénith Nervous Chandelier by Louise Campbell.

Onlookers who are mesmerized by these windows can step in the store to head to the second floor to discover more of Baccarat legendary history. Here a table exhibits the prestigious orders for Harcourt glasses which have been favored by the likes of Napoléon III, the Prince of Cambodia, the Shah of Iran and the presidencies of Togo, Mexico and Brazil.

Baccarat_250_anniversary_harrods_1The crystal maker has also set up an ephemeral shop on the ground floor of Harrods to allow shoppers to grab pieces from emblematic collections. In order to make it more special, Baccarat is also offering a special engraving to add a personal touch so that clients can walk back home with unique object of desire.

Baccarat’s exhibition at Maison Baccarat’s Museum-Gallery in Paris had initiated the brand’s 250th anniversary celebrations early this year.