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The Art Of Colour: Classy Jewellery With Modern Twists By Fabergé

The Art Of Colour: Classy Jewellery With Modern Twists By Fabergé

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The House of Fabergé’s latest campaign film, “The Art of Colour” presents the finest jewellery creations, highlighting the colourful gemstones (emeralds, sapphires, rubies, spinels and tsavorites) and the modern influences of our times on classic jewellery. The campaign, consisting of a 49-second film, directed by James Appleton, “provides a contemporary approach with a powerful and modern feel, capturing the house’s ethos of pure luxury, artistry and innovation.” Each Fabergé jewellery is a bold and daring object of art (each ring from the Émotion collection, for instance, features over 300 gemstones), that manages to push the boundaries of design. An explosion of rich colours that captivate the feminine universe. The ad targets especially women that shop jewellery for themselves (as a curiosity this has become a massive phenomenon these days). They pay more attention to colours, that’s why with this striking new campaign Fabergé’s intention is to celebrate the superior quality of their gemstones.

Fabergé’s captivating objects of art can be found in exclusive boutiques in London, New York, Geneva and Kiev and other selective locations from all across the globe. Starting price for the Émotion collection rings: $ 19,923. You can check the entire collection here

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