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Argentina’s 45-Degree Inclined Bar Serves Perfect Pints

Argentina’s 45-Degree Inclined Bar Serves Perfect Pints

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As all beer-lovers know, the glass needs to be tilted slightly to get the perfect foam head when serving beer. An Argentinian beer brand has now created the world’s first 45° angled bar to ensure customers can enjoy a perfectly served pint.

Serving beer is serious business. The perfect glass should come topped with a foam head that’s neither too thick nor too thin. This involves tilting the glass to precisely 45°.

Andes is a well-known Argentinian beer brand in South America, taking its name from the famous mountain range. The beer is brewed in the province of Mendoza, where the brand has created the world’s first bar built on a 45° incline to ensure perfectly served pints.

Argentina’s 45-Degree Inclined Bar Serves Perfect Pints2

You’ll need snow boots and a thick coat when heading to Andes Bar 45 in its mountain location, which makes full use of the mountainside’s natural incline. Customers will have to contend with the laws of gravity if they want to take a seat, as everything is tilted, from the bar itself to tables and walls, where a dartboard promises an interesting game.

Thanks to the incline, the beer tap is perfectly positioned on the bar to ensure optimally tilted glasses. Customers will also need to keep firm hold of their drinks to stop their perfect pints heading for the floor.