There is no better way of expressing happiness, elegance, joy, movement and dynamism than through dance. This is what MUS Architects wanted to express through their proposal for the new ISMOF – International School Museum of Flamenco. The architectural solutions designed by the team at MUS Architects offers many interesting spaces. The main museum room and a viewing terrace stand on the upper floor of the undulating building.

By reinventing the space used to teach and learn the fascinating moves of the flamenco dance, MUS Architects created a rhythmic exposure of sound waves captured in a fascinating design. The ground level spaces are divided only by glass sheets, keeping visitors in touch with the whole floor. The upper square can be accessed through a ramp – this space can shelter a garden, a recreation area, an open-air amphitheater or it can become the scene for large artistic events. Displaying an interesting, dynamic shape, the International School Museum of Flamenco is sure to have a unique headquarters soon.