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Architect Paul McClean Debuts New Design Book

Architect Paul McClean Debuts New Design Book

Architect Paul McClean is perhaps best known for designing a luxury residence later bought by Beyoncé and Jay Z. His clean and angular designs can be found throughout Los Angeles and beyond. He works with developer Nile Niami on some of the most extravagant homes that Southern California has ever seen.

McClean originally hails from Dublin, but his style is pure California, and he’s been at home in the City of Angels for 25 years, losing most of his accent in the process. McClean came to the city, lured not just by the climate but also by the light, and by the opportunity and freedom the city presented.

At a recent book signing at the Hennessey & Ingalls bookstore in downtown Los Angeles for the signing of a new book on his designs, McClean recounted that the city gave him opportunities that he would have never had in Dublin. With little experience, but plenty of drawings and enthusiasm, he was able to turn a few homes into a design empire. McClean is now the go-to designer for the quintessential Los Angeles spec house, the type that is often seen perched on a hillside with views over the city.

Part of McClean’s talent is in making the most of those views and of light and green space. Although he’s currently at work on a 100,000-square-foot estate, he likes the challenge of smaller lots because they force him to find the magic in any place.

The book is a tour of some of McClean’s most sumptuous designs with lavish photography of serene blue pools, wine cellars, and large and open living spaces. The book looks at 24 homes offering sketches, site plans, and McClean’s thoughts on the projects.