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An underground reservoir becomes a £1.25 million home in Devon

An underground reservoir becomes a £1.25 million home in Devon

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A cherished dream of someone becomes a fantasy of many. This is what happened with a couple of Robert Hardy and his wife Ann Hardy who built a unique and unusual house at Devon which now has a price tag of £1.25million and is offered to the buyers in London. Four years back i.e., in 2008, the couple found a 6,500 sq ft site which was located in Devon (Sidmouth). The site that they chose was in actual an underground reservoir. Mr. Robert who is a civil engineer by profession had something in his mind so as to transform the unattended site into a beautiful house. The house project wasn’t a simple one because the idea in itself was unique and something that none had tried before.

The year 2008 came with unexpected financial crisis for the property owners and even after selling their property for £300,000, the couple found it difficult to start with their house project. But they decided not to back down and started living in a caravan. Robert had the blueprint in his mind and then he employed men for achieving his target.

With too much of mind, labor, energy, and money spent on the project, the duo finally accomplished their mission. Now, they have an exquisite 5 bedroom house which is one of its kind and a state of art property. The house has a good parking area and is camouflaged with the help of green turf that covers it. The drainage system of the house works well so as to not let the water clog in any of the areas. But now when it’s all done, the couple wants to sell their dream house so as to gain some profit. This for sure is an attractive real estate deal for the buyers in London.

Via: DailyMail