Heading a PR firm in New York, Alison Brod has carved a niche for herself in the world of beauty, fashion, restaurant and spirits, and lifestyle. Sporting a striking resemblance to Barbie, Alison Brod has been known for her love for everything pink.


Former Alison Brod Public Relations head office was doused in pink-a-mania. However she has tamed down the pink-hued riot at the brand’s new headquarters at Park Avenue. Infused with mature tones like gray and copper, the latest location boasts of over-sized posters of Barbie dolls in an attempt to play it distinctively. The blonde publicist also claims that these pictures render a necessary “feminine touch” in both her professional and personal life. A colossal 9-foot-by-5-foot photograph of a trio of Barbies posed together on the beach at sunset serves as a backdrop for meeting at the conference room.


Large Barbie pictures dominate the décor of the whole area. Ms. Brod makes it loud and clear that it’s not her childhood fantasy that has given shape to this new dolled-up interior. In fact she was never a fan of the Mattel dolls and detested Barbies and also the girls who played with them.

Alison fell in love with the Barbie-theme when she chanced upon a 10-foot-by-10-foot photo of the fashion doll in Ms. Esposito’s (a friend and interior designer) living room.

Better late than never, it is then that she let herself fall in love with the doll. Ms. Brod also declared Ms. Esposito’s collection of exclusive pictures of Barbie to be “provocative, rebellious—and hilarious.”


The firm hires a team of 50 so-called modern Barbies to cater to over 80 clients that range from global companies such as Mercedes-Benz, L’Oreal Paris, Godiva, Kmart, Judith Leiber, Renaissance Hotels, Estee Lauder, Victoria’s Secret PINK and more. Debuting with Burberry as her first client, today her company boasts of handling luxury brands such as Emilio Pucci, Van Cleef & Arpels fragrances, Givenchy Beauty, Guerlain, Judith Ripka, Darphin and Oscar Blandi and retailers like Nordstrom.