Exposed brick walls, concrete floors, the occasional rug and scattered green plants compose a very minimalistic scenario for a modern home. When entertainment has taken the streets with flamboyance, showcasing all colors, textures, patterns and materials at once, what is one to do? Maybe create an uncluttered space to call home might be the answer for relaxing when your perspective on life leaves you tired of everything at the end of the day.

Tuning in to this desire to display only necessary things in the home without giving the impression of overcrowding the space, designers showcase interesting perspectives on the use of shapes and materials to create versatile home accessories. Intercepting the need for minimalist pieces of decor for the home, San Francisco-based designer Alberto Villarreal has designed a versatile storage system named LITOS.

LITOS by Alberto Villarreal  (2)

This modular system displays its geometric shapes either separately or stacked on top of each other. Wine bottles and flowers can easily dwell within each block’s body, creating an elegant visual appeal. The concrete and walnut hardwood are a modern combination found under different shapes in contemporary homes, creating that balance of cold and warm. I’m sure this piece will find shelter in many homes.

LITOS by Alberto Villarreal  (3) LITOS by Alberto Villarreal  (4)