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Alexander McQueen Knuckle Box Clutches For Every Season

Alexander McQueen Knuckle Box Clutches For Every Season

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Alexander McQueen churns out designs to make every diva feel like a queen all throughout the year. The British fashion house, renowned for its knuckle box clutches, has a design to suit every season, every mood and every situation. Take a look at the two red hot clutches from their Autumn Winter 2015 collection that are perfect for the festive indulgence. And for those who are planning to shop the upcoming seasonal trends, check out the two outstanding knuckle box clutches from the latest Pre-Spring Summer 2016 collection. 

Red Patent Knuckle Box Clutch  –ALexander_McQueen_RED_PATENT_KNUCKLE_BOX_CLUTCHThough Valentine’s Day is not around, the lacquered red glove patent Knuckle Box Clutch will make the lady fall in love with it, each time she holds it. Featuring roses knuckle design and brass hardware with red chrome finish, it is clad with red calf skin leather. Part of the Autumn Winter 2015 collection, the red hot beauty is up for $3,295 and certainly makes an ideal Christmas gift. ALexander_McQueen_RED_PATENT_KNUCKLE_BOX_CLUTCH_2

Embroidered Disheveled Lace Knuckle Box Clutch –ALexander_McQueen_EMBROIDERED_DISHEVELLED_LACE_KNUCKLE_BOX_CLUTCHFor the lady in red, Alexander McQueen rolls out one more dainty red creation. The red embroidered disheveled lace Knuckle Box Clutch boasts of roses knuckle design in brass hardware and red chrome finish. The silk clutch has a contrasting red and teint embroidered lace all over detail. This too belongs to the house’s Autumn Winter 2015 collection and is available for $3,595. ALexander_McQueen_EMBROIDERED_DISHEVELLED_LACE_KNUCKLE_BOX_CLUTCH_1

Embroidered Flower Knuckle Box Clutch –ALexander_McQueen_EMBROIDERED_FLOWER_KNUCKLE_BOX_CLUTCHPrepping up for the new year’s spring season, the Embroidered Flower Knuckle Box Clutch tops the list of the must-have fashion accessory for 2016. Suiting the season, the satin silk clutch is dressed in white and multicolor floral embroidery. ALexander_McQueen_EMBROIDERED_FLOWER_KNUCKLE_BOX_CLUTCH_1Festooned with butterfly and flower knuckle design, it also features a large wrist chain with floral details. Part of the pre- spring summer 2016 collection, it can fit in the knuckles for $3,895.
Brooch Embroidered Knuckle Box Clutch –ALexander_McQueen_BROOCH_EMBROIDERED_KNUCKLE_BOX_CLUTCHThis one too belongs to the label’s pre-spring summer 2016 collection and boasts of a blooming price tag of $4,295. The black satin Knucklebox clutch is worth falling in love with its all-over brooch embroidery and Swarovski crystal detail rings.ALexander_McQueen_BROOCH_EMBROIDERED_KNUCKLE_BOX_CLUTCH_1 Fitted with gilded brass hardware, it is designed to make the lady holding it feel like the showstopper of the season.ALexander_McQueen_BROOCH_EMBROIDERED_KNUCKLE_BOX_CLUTCH_2Alexander McQueen