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AdWeek: Megyn Kelly Wants to Have a Beer With This Politician

AdWeek: Megyn Kelly Wants to Have a Beer With This Politician

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Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly and Cosmopolitan Editor Joanna Coles sat down together for a “chat” at the 12th annual AdWeek conference in New York earlier this week.

It was only the first day of a four day event that focuses on media, tech, and, of course — advertising — but even early on, conversations like Kelly and Coles’ were industry penetrating… and this one veered into the political.

Coles got Kelly to open up about ratings and political bias.  And while she couldn’t be goaded into discussing Donald Trump, Kelly did center a portion of her talk around Hillary Clinton, suggesting Clinton is “someone you’d want to have a beer with,” and elaborating that she’s “extremely warm and very likable.”

“She loves to have a couple of cocktails and laugh and tell dirty jokes.  She can’t go out on the campaign trail and do that… but we should see a little more of that.”

And we should hear a little more about Clinton’s server woes.  While Kelly might like Madam Secretary’s personality, she wants the full story on her breach of protocol.  When asked the first question she’d ask candidate Clinton in an interview: “I want to talk about those emails.”

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