Tired of museums? Actress Tilda Swinton certainly is. The Oscar-winning best supporting actress for 2008’s “Michael Clayton” is performing the art of sleeping at New York City’s Museum of Modern Art.

A museum spokeswoman says that Swinton presented her one-person piece called “The Maybe” on Saturday. In “The Maybe,” Swinton lies sleeping in a glass box for the day, with only a pair of glasses, a carafe of water and linen-covered bedding. The exhibit will move locations within the museum every time Swinton performs.

There is no published schedule for the piece, which will occur about a half dozen more times through the end of the year.

Siwnton, 52, first did the performance piece at London’s Serptentine Gallery in collaboration with British sculptor Cornelia Parker and actress Joanna Scanlan in 1995, she slept in the glass box for a week. She repeated the performance in 1996 at the Museo Barracco in Rome.

The actress is also featured in David Bowie’s latest video, “The Stars (Are Out Tonight):”