If you saw the “Iron Man” movie, then you already know what THE helmet can do. Equipped with all sorts of functions and features, the superhero’s “mask” helps the guy to save the world. Applied to the real life, LiveMap, a Russian startup, is currently working at a “smart”, technologically advanced motorcycle helmet, incorporating voice control features, light sensor, a digital compass and a head moving tracking. “The user interface is going to be minimalistic and simple. The list of of voice commands will be short, all commands natural and understandable by context. For the case the user is in trouble formulating a suitable command the help option is just a command (“Help!”) away”, explained LiveMap on Indiegogo.

The helmet will feature a custom user interface and it will be slightly bigger than a regular helmet. It will integrate AR functions (augmented reality) for easy navigation. The information will be projected on the visor, helping the motorcycle riders to concentrate on the road, without looking down on their GPS or stopping to check the map.

LiveMap thinks that if the company manages to raise $150,000 to make press molds for the helmet capsule, the augmented reality helmet will be available by the end of 2014 on the market. The company states that this state-of-art motorcycle helmet will cost around $1,500 -$2,000.